Les Chalets de Superdevoluy
We had about five hours until we could get into our apartment, so we went for a walk around Superdevoluy to get our bearings. It didn't take very long to discover all there was to see in the resort.  It is a purpose built resort, with the main apartment block, Bois d'Aurouze, started in the 60's, and because of this, there is no typical alpine village centre.  It is however, very quiet as the main bars and restaurants are in the main apartment block facing the ski slopes.

Main road around Superdevoluy
There was one main road that swept round in a large loop down the front of Bois d'Aurouze, round the back of the Chalets du Superdevoluy and then back to where it entered the village.

This loop in the road formed a relatively flat area that was free from any buildings, where the snow was quite deep.  Here we found a couple of igloos that previous people had built.

Igloo near Les Chalets du Superdevoluy
Down near the nursery slopes, there was a children's playground with some benches.  Here, the children were surprised by how deep the snow was - the snow was right up to the bench, so that you felt like you were sat on the floor!
Sitting on a bench in the park
We found we still had plenty of time before checking in, so we went bumboarding.  [2009: boards bought locally were about 4€]  There were some nice small slopes just in front of Bois d'Aurouze, at the base of the pistes where the ski lifts start, which proved ideal for the children.  That kept them happy for a short while.

Eventually they tired of the bumboarding, so we made our way to the Skimium shop to collect the skis that we had prebooked for the children.  The staff spoke excellent english and even had little post-it notes with the childrens names on, on the equipment that they had set out ready for our arrival.  Their customer service was excellent!
Trying out the skis in Devoluy
Of course, now the children wanted to try out their new skis straight away (where do they get the energy from??).  

We did not have ski passes booked for the first day, but that did not stop them.  They just had a play on the lower nursery slopes, whilst us oldies relaxed in the glorious sunshine with a drink! 
Improving fast!
By lunchtime, everyone was feeling hungry and tired, so we went for something to eat from one of the small apres ski cafes, before walking over to the office for our apartment block.  We had about half an hour to wait until the office opened and we were able to check in.  The staff spoke excellent english and we had no problems checking in and finding our apartment.  Time for a quick siesta, before heading off to the food shopping at the only supermarket in town.

I would like to state again that there is only one supermarket [2009], and therefore the prices are astronomical!  Be warned!  There are a couple of patisseries and a small stall selling cooked food, but for general groceries you do not have any choice.   If you can, try and shop at a supermarket outside of the resort, like Carrefours or bring supplies with you to reduce your costs.  Self catering in Superdevoluy is possibly as expensive as eating out at home!  This probably the biggest drawback for the resort.  We did not eat out, so I cannot comment on the restaurant prices.  Neither can I comment on the prices in la Joue du Loup as we did not eat their either.  Maybe someone could let me know what the prices are like?
Sunset over Le Pic du Bure
We had ski passes included with our accommodation and were able to pick these up from the main ski lift office later in the afternoon, so that we would be ready for our first full day of skiing the next day (Sunday).  We did not need a photograph or need to pay a deposit.  They were the hands free type so you could put it in your sleeve pocket and just swipe your arm past the sensor to open the gates.  It makes it so much easier than having the old style card attached to your coat on a retractable cord!

Needless to say, we had a quiet evening and an early night, so that we would be ready for a good days skiing in the morning.